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Spring Wallpapers

Spring is a time of the awakening of nature, when leaves emerge to the response of first warm days. After a deep winter sleep under the snow, flora and fauna come back to regular life. Warmed by the first tiny rays of light, the trees come alive, grass becomes inhabited with various insects, and woods become fulfilled with different sounds.

Lake Wallpapers

Lakes are the most capacious repositories of freshwater ever found on Earth! Exploring lakes in the mountains is a challenge for young and desperate. To find this forgotten pearl somewhere deep in the canyon is a piece of luck for any hiker! The lake has a bowl shape, surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges.

Roses Wallpapers

Sometimes, it is hard to decide which flower is your favorite. All the flowers that grow in the garden and flower beds are very beautiful. In love with white chrysanthemums, tulips, daisies you will never skip the queen – a rose. Obviously, it is a leader among the most popular flowers on market.

iPad Wallpapers

Since Steve Jobs introduced to the world a device called the iPad, users, as is the case with the iPhone, have been divided into two distinct categories. The first category of people were extremely excited and ran to do pre-orders, while the second start struggling to make fun of the new device, the first attempt to prove that Apple has invented nothing new.

Volkswagen Wallpapers

Since May 1974, when the first Volkswagen Golf went off the line, this car has become an international bestseller and remains one of the most successful models in the history of the automotive industry. The emergence of the second generation of Golf cars was back to 1983.

Audi Wallpapers

Audi is a German company specializing in the production of passenger and commercial automobiles. The company "Audi" was founded in 1909 by August Horch. His roots go back to the currently lost, but no less famous in the past the company “Horch" shone on the German horizon during the Third Reich.

Footballer Wallpapers

If you love playing football, but not just watching it, you obviously had a dream to become a professional football player. This is a very entertaining game, full of excitement. First it was invented in England in eighteenth century, although ancient Egypt and Maya had similar ball games.

Hockey player Wallpapers

Hockey is one of the most popular fast-paced sports games in the world. It is an exciting and spectacular game played by two teams either on ice-rink or on a field. Each team presents a certain country or region and consists of six players: two defensemen, two wingers, one goalkeeper and one center man.

Potatoes Wallpapers

There was a time when neither in Europe, nor in North America or Asia was awareness of the existence of potatoes. Now it is difficult to imagine how people could feed themselves without this type of vegetables.

Waterfall Wallpapers

Waterfall is one of the most incredible wonders ever created by Mother Nature and presented to a human. All waterfalls are of different origin and capacity, but mostly formed in the upper course of the rivers, where it is often narrow and deep.

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