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Audi Wallpapers

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Audi is a German company specializing in the production of passenger and commercial automobiles. The company "Audi" was founded in 1909 by August Horch. His roots go back to the currently lost, but no less famous in the past the company “Horch" shone on the German horizon during the Third Reich. In 1899, a talented inventor, August Horch founded the company in Mannheim called "Horch and Company", which in 4 years moved to Zwickau. Later on August Horch Latinized version of the former company name: the word ”horch” changed to ‘audi”. And in 1909 the famous "Audi" brand was established.

In 1912, there was the most famous model - the Audi-C. The same year a concept has passed a serious test at the regular Alpine races and achieved good results, for which a car of “C” series was called the "Conqueror of the Alps."

Modern Audi is attractive, athletic, intelligent, erudite, educated, and come from a good family. Well, what more would you desire? It is just perfect! Car life planned to a great age of technical superiority, and God forbid, if something goes wrong. This car is like a wife: manners, posture, no flaws, but do not try to go out to breakfast in shorts! Sterile cleanliness, German formalism and precision.

For all Audi fans, we have collected metal-shining wallpapers to download to desktop.

Pages: 12

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