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iPad Wallpapers

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Since Steve Jobs introduced to the world a device called the iPad, users, as is the case with the iPhone, have been divided into two distinct categories. The first category of people were extremely excited and ran to do pre-orders, while the second start struggling to make fun of the new device, the first attempt to prove that Apple has invented nothing new. When it became clear that the tablet will not be running any version of Mac OS, and run iPhone OS 3.2 instead, critics have called iPad bluntly enlarged iPhone.

By the nature of the destructive action of this device is a so-called tablet - a special kind of notebooks equipped with a touch screen. However, if the traditional plates with a touch screen, with rare exceptions, somehow still supplied with keyboard and touchpad, then the iPad has onscreen keyboard only.

If you're looking to buy an iPad, prepare for the superior quality and advanced technologies applied to the gadget. The new table is compatible with all the latest accessories and apps to download from the apple store.

Before you purchased any device, we would advise you to download some iPad wallpapers to your desktop to explore the Apple masterpiece from different angles.

Pages: 1

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