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Lake Wallpapers

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Lakes are the most capacious repositories of freshwater ever found on Earth! Exploring lakes in the mountains is a challenge for young and desperate. To find this forgotten pearl somewhere deep in the canyon is a piece of luck for any hiker! The lake has a bowl shape, surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges. Under the rays of the scorching sun mountain lake becomes bright blue or even white, depending on the angle you look at it.

However, usually the water in mountain lake is not blue, it's all an optical illusion. It is the most transparent water on the planet reflecting the sky that is why it looks blue. Never contaminated, this water is very clean and mineralized. The bottom of the lake seems so close that fine pebbles seen well enough. Unfortunately, it's a second illusion, because the mountain lakes are very deep. The water is so clear that the depth of the lake is hard to calculate!

Wallpapers with the most beautiful lakes views are free to download! Install the right wallpaper to your desktop and never hesitate to swim during the lunch break time. Prepare for the cold water scorching your ankles! We are happy to present high quality adorable panorama vies of lakes for all our fans.

Pages: 1

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