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There was a time when neither in Europe, nor in North America or Asia was awareness of the existence of potatoes. Now it is difficult to imagine how people could feed themselves without this type of vegetables. Indeed, among other vegetables, there are very few playing such an important role in human life, as potatoes do.

Potatoes serve as an ingredient for hundreds of different dishes and products. Due to the high content of carbohydrates and especially potato starch largely fills our need for calories. 1 kg of potatoes can provide up to 830 calories. A relatively high content of mineral salts and vitamin C makes it biologically valuable product. It is enough to eat 300-400 grams of potatoes to meet the needs of half the volume of vitamin C needed for the human body and prevent the scurvy disease. Potatoes are the same important in the menu, as bread. That is why it takes the second place after bread as ingredient of national cuisines of many countries.

According to many researchers, the importance of the potato in the human diet will rather increase in the nearest future. We have beautiful with potatoes in the foreground or background, as you wish. Download the most delicious dishes with baked potatoes or French fries.


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