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Spring Wallpapers

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Spring is a time of the awakening of nature, when leaves emerge to the response of first warm days. After a deep winter sleep under the snow, flora and fauna come back to regular life. Warmed by the first tiny rays of light, the trees come alive, grass becomes inhabited with various insects, and woods become fulfilled with different sounds. After the snow melted the first flowers of spring, white snowdrops, emerge in the meadows.

According to the rules of nature, migratory birds return home and bring their melodies back to neighborhood. Big buds on trees and shrubs rapidly expanded, turning into bright green young leaves. Blooming gardens, and their sweet flavor spreads in all directions, the warm spring breeze. The signs of new life are clearly visible everywhere, senses get sharper.

Spring is a good time to establish something new, to start up new project or bare a child. Get all tasks accomplished soon to meet summer free of commitments! Spring wallpapers with lovely nature (forests, lakes, rivers, grass) dedicated to raise your mood, to remind that love is all around! Download wallpapers from our website and enjoy your desktop more!

Pages: 1

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