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Waterfall Wallpapers

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Waterfall is one of the most incredible wonders ever created by Mother Nature and presented to a human. All waterfalls are of different origin and capacity, but mostly formed in the upper course of the rivers, where it is often narrow and deep. There are strong and powerful waterfalls, and there are those that are medium in size, with lower volumes of water.  For example, the maximum monthly volume of water ejected from the Victoria Falls (located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe) equals 12,800 m3/s.

However, even though Niagara Falls is 50 m lower, it is more popular destination for tourists. Its location is exactly on the border between the two countries: the United States and Canada. The maximum monthly volume of water ejected from the Niagara Falls equals 8,800 m3/s. During winters, the waterfall may get frozen from the bottom. This happened only twice: at the beginning of the previous century and in the first decade of the new century. For almost two weeks it was icebound, but even numb flow had an awesome look.

There are many waterfalls on the planet; the two above mentioned are the most powerful and well known. All the high quality pictures of natural falls of water could be found on our website in the Waterfall section. Feel comfortable downloading the most exquisite wallpapers!

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