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Animal Affection theme Wallpapers

This adorable theme is devoted to all people who are in love and for Discovery or NG fans as well. How genuine and natural is animals’ affection! They do not pretend or work for cool shot, they just live this way.

Blooming theme Wallpapers

Add some beautiful blooming spirit and charming flowers to your desktop background images with this free theme. Spring awakening period will take decent place at your computer desktop adding creative and light mood.

Chocolate theme Wallpapers

Would you like some…chocolate?! Of course you do. One more delicious theme for your desktop is Chocolate of course! There is hardly a person who feels indifferent towards its sweet taste and tasty look.

Clouds theme Wallpapers

When we were kids we used to look in the skies above and see so many different images, starting with teddy bears and finishing with dragons and monsters. All depended on the clouds form.

Colors of Nature theme Wallpapers

Have you ever noticed what a creative painter our Mother Nature is?! Alexandr Popkov has made it available for every user to behold and enjoy nature’s variety of colors and forms. His unique and unforgettable collection of high quality photos is the bases for our free theme ‘Colors of Nature’.

Everyday Art theme Wallpapers

A number of independent photographers have contributed for this desktop theme creation. Our everyday life is rich in big and small miracles and remarkable events. We think even the smallest piece if beauty if worth sharing.

Echoes of the Past theme Wallpapers

We welcome all vintage fans and all those who are crazy about different antique things. Here is a corresponding desktop theme for you, namely Echoes of the Past one.

Untrodden Paths theme Wallpapers

How many roads in the world which we have never stepped at? For all those who are fond of untrodden roads, walking and admiring country lanes we have prepared unique theme full of inviting roads and unexplored paths images.

Fresh Fruit theme Wallpapers

Summer is on, so welcome to period of fresh fruit, vitamins and sun! We have prepared tasty desktop theme full of the freshest and the ripest fruit images.

Furry Families theme Wallpapers

It goes without saying that our families are top dear to our hearts. Still, we prefer to keep them away from desktops, far from strangers’ views and near to our hearts.

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